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Intel® Education—Competitions

Inspiring innovators. Enabling entrepreneurs.


Today’s students are the innovators of tomorrow. We’re helping to empower the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs by sponsoring competitions and recognizing schools that demonstrate excellence in innovative math and science programs.

Inspiring the innovators of tomorrow to change our world

Research shows that science competitions are catalysts for improved education in classrooms, with a direct connection between participation in student research and ongoing success in science, including successful completion of a master’s or a PhD. That’s why we continue to invest in science competitions—to inspire a path to innovation.

Intel® Science Talent Search

Intel Science Talent Search

Each year, more than 1,700 seniors attending American high schools conduct original research projects and present their work in the country’s oldest, most prestigious pre-college science competition: the Intel Science Talent Search. Forty of the brightest minds—the best of the best—are chosen as finalists and invited to participate in a nearly week-long event in Washington, D.C., where they compete for over USD 1.25 million in awards and scholarships.

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Intel STS scientists

Get into the minds of Intel STS 2012 scientists

The Intel STS 2012 finalists share their experiences, from the curiosity that led them here to the work that inspired them.

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The winning projects

Intel Science Talent Search 2013: The winning projects

Sara Volz, Jonah Kallenbach, and Adam Joseph Bowman took top honors at Intel Science Talent Search 2013. Find out more about their projects.

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The winners

Intel Science Talent Search 2013: The winners

Seven other Intel STS finalists received top honors and a total of USD 180,000 in awards.

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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Each year, approximately 7 million young scientists from around the world vie for a spot among the 1,600 finalists at the world's largest pre-college science competition. Those who make it have the opportunity to participate in a week-long celebration of science, where they present their cutting-edge research and compete for over USD 4 million in awards and scholarships.

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Inspired to Change the World

Inspired to Change the World

Intel ISEF 2013 finalists share their projects, as well as their sources of inspiration.

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Intel ISEF 2013

Intel ISEF 2013

See the kick-off of Intel ISEF 2013, where students from all over the world gather to celebrate science.

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Intel ISEF 2012: the winners

Intel ISEF 2013: the winners

The results are in!

Meet the winners >

Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley

Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley

Intel is collaborating with UC Berkeley to showcase new and innovative technologies that could have a positive impact on society. The Intel Global Challenge is a business plan competition with USD 100,000 in prize money dedicated to finding new ideas from students around the globe who just might change the world.

Learn more about the Intel Global Challenge >

Intel Schools of Distinction

Intel Schools of Distinction

Successful math and science programs can serve as models for schools everywhere—and inspire educators to reinvigorate their programs for the next generation of scientists and mathematicians. Intel Schools of Distinction demonstrate excellence in math and science education with innovative teaching and learning environments.

Learn more about the 2012 Intel Schools of Distinction winners >

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