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Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Enhances Network Connectivity

Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 Enhances Network Connectivity

The document describes the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210 as an ideal GbE solution for running tightly controlled media stream synchronization and buffering. The I210 is a low-power, small-footprint, single-port gigabit network controller for desktop, server, and embedded applications.

The controller has four transmit and four receive queues for the single port. It efficiently manages packets with minimum latency by combining parallel and pipelined logic architectures optimized for these independent transmit and receive queues. These queues provide a toolset for optimizing the performance on multi-core processor designs. Advanced interrupt-handling features to manage multiple interrupts simultaneously, combined with intelligent filtering, ordering, and directing of packets to specific queues and cores, enables load-balancing the network traffic flows to improve throughput in multi-core platforms.

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