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Retail Banking: Regulation and Compliance

Complying with a brave new world

Complying with a brave new world

Recent federal legislation has caused retail banks to face unprecedented regulation and compliance requirements. The impact on IT is widespread, and Intel has provided documentation to help users understand the key laws and topics.

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

The Dodd-Frank bill increases compliance requirements for retail banks and is being called the most important piece of financial legislation since the Glass-Steagall Act in 1933. While the full bill is a must-read for all banks, Intel has provided a much simpler fact sheet to help executives and IT professionals get up to speed on the new requirements.

Download the Dodd-Frank Fact Sheet >

Reg E Overdraft Opt-In: The First 100 Days, from Compliance to Product Innovation

This document provides an overview of the implementation of the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation E rules on overdraft coverage and the success of banks in attracting customer opt-in for fee-based overdraft protection. It also discusses overdraft pricing changes and new products that some banks and vendors have introduced to provide value-added overdraft-related services.

Download the full document >


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