Uppsala County Council Boosts Core Application

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Uppsala County Council Boosts Core Application

Uppsala County Council gives core application a boost for better patient care with Intel

Uppsala County is one of the largest in Sweden. The County Council is responsible not only for healthcare in the region, but also for dental and specialist care as well as research and training. The main hospital in the area, Uppsala University Hospital, is Sweden’s oldest hospital and was founded in 1708. Today it holds 1,100 beds. Each year there are 58,000 admissions, 330,000 physician encounters and 420,000 out-patient treatments.

With 11,000 employees who constantly communicate to coordinate care, IT is at the core of the county’s operations. The IT team is tasked with managing the hospital’s 12,000 clients with about 300 applications. It is a challenging mission as users and patients demand high availability, interoperability, security and uptime.

• Enhance core application. Maintain high levels of reliability and functionality of essential program by migrating IT infrastructure to Microsoft Windows* 7 operating system
• Improve IT management. Centralize device maintenance for better penetration rate with security patches and software updates
• Support high performance. Increase efficiency of IT team and reduce the impact of IT administration on productivity

• Combined approach. Keep popular Dell laptop* and desktop PCs* while introducing remote management capabilities of the Intel® vPro™ platform across the board
• Test performance. Proof of concept demonstrated ability to power-on and update devices as required
• Remote troubleshooting. IT team can take over any device to resolve issues from central office

• Greater efficiency. Remote power-on enables the hospital to save energy while increasing the success rates of updates and patches and speeding saturation
• Focus on patient care. IT team can resolve device issues faster, with less reliance on user interaction, enabling physicians and nurses to spend less time on IT and more on treating patients, shortening length of stay
• Strong Platform. With the constantly increasing demands on the client platform the IT team has created a sustainable and manageable IT platform for the future, a platform that Uppsala County Council can grow with over the years to come

Read the full Uppsala County Council Boosts Core Application Case Study.

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