Scalar’s RenderCloud* Server Farm: Brief

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Scalar’s RenderCloud* Server Farm: Brief

Intel® Xeon® processors boost performance and reliability

• High cost to build and maintain in-house IT infrastructure

• Unable to scale up quickly and affordably during peak periods

• Ongoing maintenance and support costs during slow periods, when systems sat idle

• Switched to a managed service (IaaS) model with a fixed cost for a minimum number of servers

• Scalar’s RenderCloud*, a remote server farm, enables studios to leverage over 1,400 servers on an as-needed basis

• SGI C2112* servers are powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family high costs lead to lost business

In Vancouver, Canada, the digital entertainment industry is booming, but even in the best of times, it’s a fickle business. The area’s digital effects and animation studios may land a major project and work at capacity for perhaps eight months. Then they’re likely to wait three months, or much longer, for the next big opportunity to come their way.

During big projects, the studios have immense render needs, and historically they’ve had to build high-capacity in-house IT infrastructures to keep pace with them. When the big projects end, the studios have had no choice but to continue supporting all those costly systems, which is a constant drain on their budgets.

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