Developing a Stronger Business Case with High-Performance Computing

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World’s largest wind turbine provider enhances high-performance computing resources with the Intel® Xeon® processor X5670, strengthening energy production forecasts

• Platform upgrade: Vestas wanted to upgrade its existing HPC platform to faster processing technology to enhance the quality of its weather forecasting resources.
• The right mix: This platform needed to deliver the right mixture of processing power and memory bandwidth for optimal performance of its memory-bound weather research and forecasting (WRF) applications.

• New hardware: Vestas established its new data center platform with 1,306 IBM iDataPlex server units, with each powered by two six-core Intel Xeon processors X5670.
• Enhanced performance: The new servers deliver 10 times greater processing capacity than the previous hardware.
• Memory bandwidth: The Intel Xeon processor X5670 offers an optimal balance of processing power and memory, making it well suited to the high memory requirements of Vestas’ WRF applications.

• Detailed calculations: The greater level of detail with which the new platform enables weather calculations has enabled Vestas to further enhance the competitiveness of its offering.
• Greater certainty: With a greater understanding of atmospheric conditions at particular locations, Vestas is able to produce a stronger business case for proposed new site developments.
• Improved support: The improvements allowed Vestas to enhance its ongoing support services to customers, helping them accurately forecast the future output of existing wind turbines.

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