Bosch Security Systems Advances HD Video Decoding

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Bosch Security Systems Advances HD Video Decoding

The case study analyzes the challenge and solution Bosch Security Systems considered in designing a superior video decoder for digital surveillance systems.

• Challenge: Bosch digital security surveillance customers need high-performance, high-definition decoders that support maximum bit rates and a high number of concurrent video channels.

• Solution: Bosch based its VIP XD HD Decoder* on the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor. The high-performance decoder handles four H.264 720p/30 streams or two 1080p/30 streams at 10 Mbps, or six H.264 standard definition streams at 6 Mbps from dome cameras. Each channel can be AES encrypted.

• Impact: The digital security and surveillance market is rapidly moving from analog to IP-based systems. Bosch harnesses Intel® architecture to push the boundaries of IP video decoding technology with industry-leading advances that meet the growing demand for cost-effective, multi-channel performance.

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