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HD Intelligent Video Surveillance Help Build Peaceful Society

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HD Intelligent Video Surveillance Help Build Peaceful Society

Intel® Architecture-based BOCOM* HD Intelligent Solutions Help Build a Peaceful Society

Along with the fast development of the society and economy, people’s demands for security and harmony in daily life are increasing. One important trend is how to make use of rapidly evolving information technology to help the security industry transfer from taking belated actions to taking preventative measures. As an important segment of the security industry, the video security and surveillance market is moving from analog and digital monitoring to the era of HD intelligent monitoring. It is predicted that over 60% of front-end IP encoders and equipment will support intelligent features by 2013. The security industry needs new intelligent HD video surveillance solutions for this trend.

As an integrated video surveillance solution provider, BOCOM* has been committed to providing a variety of self-developed products and solutions to customers. BOCOM* has launched new intelligent HD solutions combined with Intel’s low-power and high-performance Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor to meet the demands for intelligent HD video surveillance technologies in the security industry. Promotions among large customers in government, public security, defense, airport, highway, urban transportation, rail transportation, and other professional fields prove that new BOCOM* intelligent HD solutions with excellent reliability, advance, scalability, security, continuity, and openness can meet new demands of the security industry.

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