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Getting Started Guide: Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) for the Cedar Trail Platform

Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit: Cedar Trail Getting Started

1.0 About this Manual
The Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) is a software toolkit that allows creation of customized and optimized initialization firmware solutions for embedded Intel® processor-based platforms. The Intel® BLDK enables rapid development of firmware for fixed-function embedded designs—those req...uiring basic initialization and functionality rather than the full capabilities delivered with a traditional BIOS.

The foundation of the Intel® BLDK is Intel’s latest implementation of the UEFI Specification Version 2.3, known as the Intel® UEFI Development Kit 2010 (Intel® UDK2010). Consequently, the Intel® BLDK is fully compliant with the latest UEFI standards and compatible for use with the Intel® UEFI Development Kit Debugger Tool and UEFI 2.0 Shell.

Components of the Intel® BLDK toolkit are:
• Development application: provides editing capabilities, configuration changes and build capabilities
• Code base: based on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
• Documentation: Getting Started Guide (this manual) and User Guide

This manual, the Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit Version 2.0 — UEFI Standard Based Getting Started Guide, provides information for installing the development application and the code base onto the host machine. It also provides the general process for building and customizing the code base using the development application. When the build is completed, you will be able to flash the created binary to your target platform.

Note: This manual uses the names listed below:
• Cedar Trail (CT) platform refers to the Intel® Atom™ processor N2x00 with Intel® Platform Controller Hub NM10.
• Cedar Rock (CR) refers to the Customer Reference Board (CRB).
• Cedar View is the code name for the Intel® Atom™ processor N2x00.

When used in the code base, Cedar Rock and Cedar Trail refer to the same board/platform.

Read the full Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit: Cedar Trail Getting Started Guide.

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