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Home Health Gateway on Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform

Home Health Gateway on Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform

Telehealth provides remote patient monitoring systems that enable patients to manage their chronic conditions in the community, predominantly in their own homes, supported by a remote healthcare professional, in a mostly asynchronous manner. A telehealth system is installed in the person's home that takes vital signs measurements at times defined in their care plan. The readings are transmitted to a central IT system which compares the readings to the care plan.

Tomorrow's telehealth systems will be required to provide more value to all health system stakeholders—patients, doctors, insurers, hospital managers, etc. The majority of engineering re-design efforts now focus on the requirements of the patient end Health Gateway which play a critical role in determining how and what health services are delivered to the home patients. Health Gateways are key elements in influencing the efficiency of the telehealth services delivery, workflows, and patient engagement. The way health gateways are designed will impact how well the telehealth systems get adopted by patients and, given that deployment sizes are expected to grow to cover tens of thousands of patients, the costs of the gateways will also play a significant role in the economics of the telehealth industry.

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