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Interns at Intel

So, you've done your homework and read about the various intern programs on the Intel Student Center. Your head says it's a great idea; go ahead and apply.

But the rest of you says, "What can I really expect from the internship experience at Intel"?

Erin - Component Design Engineer


Come along with Erin, a recent college grad, and take a look inside a day in her life as a Component Design Engineer with Intel's Visual Computing Group in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Intern Conference

Intern Conference

See our Finance Interns come together, interact with senior leaders, and forge relationships during the Intel Finance Intern Conference 2011.



Graduate Technical Intern Alfredo explains why he chose Intel for his internship and how he wants to develop faster, cheaper, single-chip solutions.

Burke Walls of Intel talks to Intel Academic Community intern Abi


Burke Walls of Intel talks to Intel Academic Community intern Abi Sundaram about what it is like being an intern for Intel

Call Me Maybe 2012 Intel Interns

Call Me Maybe

Summer 2012 Intel Interns present CALL ME MAYBE

Follow Sejal as she goes on campus


Follow Sejal as she goes onto the UCLA campus for a student recruiting event.

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