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Research Scientist
Corporate Technology Group
Beijing, China

"Research is not boring. Technology evolves continuously and there are challenges ahead. I'm proud of being part of that."


What cool project have I had the opportunity to work on at Intel?

The Mirror World Creation and Navigation project; it intends to facilitate end users to explore location context and provides fine-scale directional guidance. By combining advanced vision, motion sensor and graphics technologies you will be able to automatically align what you see with where you are. The evolution of information representation will enable us a more and more immersive experience when we browse Internet content and search things in between virtual space and real world.

Do I participate in any Intel networks or volunteer events?

I'm a member of the Technical Leadership Committee, a member of our site community team, and a member of Junior Achievement. I also take trainings and attend seminars to get to know other people and join social activities to let other people know me.

Why do I think Intel is a great place to work?

There are great opportunities for female engineers. For instance, there are female leadership forums that provide face-to-face experience exchange and BKM (best known methods) sharing.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

Cooking is my favorite; I enjoy preparing delicious food. It's very creative work and I feel satisfied when my family really likes the food!

If I could live and work abroad for a year, where would I go?

I'd choose Africa. I want to figure out how technology can help developing people and improve their living conditions.

What's the coolest Web site that I've discovered?

Google Earth*. It makes normal users have the chance to fly through tremendous landmarks on our planet without having to even walk outside their own houses.

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