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Component Design Engineer, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Heredia, Costa Rica

"I regularly volunteer as a judge for Science Fairs. I think it is important to motivate the innovative thinking among young students, and you get to learn from them as well."


What cool opportunity or project have I had while working at Intel?

During my time as a LADS Design team member I was able to work on the Penryn circuit design, which Intel launched in 2008 and has been a complete success since then.

What's one of the best experiences I've had at Intel?

One of the best experiences was going to the 2006 Intel Manufacturing Excellence Conference in San Diego. I had the opportunity to present a paper to an international audience, but also was able to attend live keynotes of very important people, including Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini.

Why is Intel a great place to work?

One of the biggest reasons to choose Intel is the availability of resources (computing, training, facilities, etc.). Also, I like the job flexibility and the open door policies that allow you to express yourself. Intel benefits are another important plus.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I like to spend time with my friends, just hanging out or going out for a nice meal. I am also a music freak, so I love listening to music all the time or playing the guitar. When I am really tired, I just relax watching TV or movies.

What's the coolest website I've discovered?

Some time ago I discovered www.stumbleupon.com. It's a toolbar that takes you to a "random" website based on your tastes.

What's the coolest gadget that I've bought lately?

I recently got a PSP Slim*, and I love it. Not only the games but all the "tweaks" and "homebrew" applications you can get. Plus, I can listen to music or watch movies while I commute.

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