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Linux Software Developer,
Software and Services Group
Hillsboro, Oregon

"Intel is a great place to work because you get to take on challenging projects. I've been given the freedom to work independently on big projects. As a junior engineer I'm not sure I would have been given the same freedom or challenges at another company."


What is a cool opportunity or project I've had while working at Intel?

For the past two years, I've been working on Linux support for USB 3.0. I've finally been able to release the code, so that Linux will have support in September when the first discrete host controllers come out. It's been fun to be able to work with really fast hardware that isn't out in the market yet. I also get to work with external companies, which many junior engineers don't get a chance to do.

What's the biggest misconception that I think people have about working at Intel?

Most people aren't aware that Intel employees work on software, but Intel is a big contributor to open source software.

What's the most fun experience I've had while working at Intel?

When I was an intern at Intel, our quarterly event was at the Oregon coast. We got to eat ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and then hang out at the beach for a day.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I help build amateur rockets with the Portland State Aerospace Society. I also garden and ride my bike everywhere (I don't even own a car).

What's the coolest Website or Blog I've discovered lately?

I like http://dotfiveone.com, which is a web site that profiles cool, geeky women. It's encouraging to read about other women scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

If I could live and work abroad for a year, where would I go?

I would go on a bike tour of Europe. I've always wanted to live out of a pannier. It would be great to visit The Netherlands, where almost everyone bikes.

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