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Global Systems Outsourcing Manager
Technology Manufacturing Group
Hillsboro, Oregon

"In my 16 years I have been able to travel the world and experience different cultures. Intel is a place you can always be proud to say you work."


What makes my job really cool to me?

The fact that I've been able to meet some amazing people from the senior executives at some of our suppliers to all the great people I have worked with here at Intel.

What's my career path been since joining Intel?

I've worked in Materials and have taken on more managerial responsibilities as I have moved up my career path.

Do I participate in any Intel networks or groups?

I belong to NIA (Network of Intel African American Employees) and it has made me feel part of a community at Intel and made it a great place to work.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

I like to golf and work out at the gym. I also like to play with my 16-month old daughter. She is really a special joy in my life.

What's the coolest gadget I've purchased recently?

I would have to say my iPod* or my iPhone*.

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