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Student Center: Next Steps

The Process—What to expect
Application and Selection

Intel takes part in many student career fairs and conferences each year. Here you can meet with Intel recruiters and submit your resume. Check out a schedule of upcoming recruiting events or visit your school's career services center.

If you've already provided your resume at an event or career ...fair and your skills, education, or experience are a match, we'll contact you to request more information.

And if you haven't had the opportunity to go to a career fair, please create Your Candidate Profile now. If we find that your skills, education, or experience are a match, you'll receive a request for more information from us.

The interview
If you've made it through the prescreening process, you'll be contacted for a phone interview to discuss interest and availability. If there's a fit, you'll be contacted to make the necessary travel arrangements for your on-site interview. To make the necessary travel arrangements for your on-site interview. To make sure you're ready, review our Preparing for an Interview tips.

Note: If we close the position, you will receive an email notifying you of the change in the requisition's status.

The Offer
If you're successful in the interview, congratulations! Our staffing team will contact you to discuss the terms of your offer and start date. After a new employee orientation, you'll meet your team and become a valuable contributor to the Intel mission. Ready. Set. Go.

Note: Candidates who are interviewed, but not selected, will be notified.

Still have questions? Visit the Candidate Help for more detailed information, including FAQs, and tips on landing your perfect job.

Read the full Student Center: Next Steps Guide.