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Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Access resources for Intel® HD Graphics including a list of supported embedded platforms, products, drivers, and operating systems.

Intel® Built-in Visuals: Product Guide

Product Guide: Overview of the Intel® Built-in Visuals in Intel® Core™ processors, including HD, 3D, and video capabilities. (v.001, June 2011)

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Intel® Processor Graphics: Product Guide

Product Guide: Overview of Intel® HD Graphics for Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors, including new features and supported OS. (v.001, June 2011)

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Intel® Graphics Control Panel for CUI: Customization Guide 7.0

Customization Guide: Overview, installation, and customization information on Intel® Graphics Control Panel CUI 7.0. (v.1.1, May 2014)

Intel® HD Graphics–Binary Modification for GOP VBT: User Guide

User Guide: Assists with using the binary modification program to modify the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator video BIOS table. (v.0.9, May 2013)

Intel® Display Audio Driver SPS: Software Product Specification

Software Product Specification: Overview of display audio functionality on Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator. (v.1, Mar. 2014)

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator - Display Persistence: Spec

Software Product Specification: Display Persistence related usage models and Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator impact. (v.001.3, Feb. 2010)

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator - Video BIOS: Software Spec

Software Product Specification: Video BIOS related usage models and impact on Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator implementations. (v.001.2, Nov. 2011)

Graphics PowerSpy* Tool: Software Utility

Software: Powerspy* tool for Intel® Graphics validates and debugs commonly used Power Conservation features. (May 2011)

Huron River/Sugar Bay Platform Stereoscopic 3D

White Paper: Stereoscopic 3D setup for Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors with Intel® HD Graphics with Blu-Ray* Stereo3D details. (v.000.81, Sept. 2010)