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Internet of Things for the Energy Industry

Transforming the Energy Industry with the Internet of Things

Intel and SAP IoT Bring Actionable Insights to the Edge

Intel® IoT Gateway and sensors with SAP software provide real-time, actionable data at the edge, even without a WAN connection.

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Intel® IoT Platform Provides Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas

Solution Brief: Intel® products, solutions, and services are enabling secure and seamless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for upstream oil and gas.

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Mobility for the Energy Industry

Empowering the Mobile Energy Workforce

Smart Grid Technology Research: Understanding Energy Consumption

Smart grid technology helps Pecan Street researchers understand residential energy consumption.

Системы управления электроэнергией: Intel повышает эффективность умных сетей

Коммунальные службы используют технологии Intel® в энергосистемах для повышения эффективности использования электроэнергии и оптимизации использования возобновляемых источников энергии.

CGG Improves Seismic Modeling with High-Performance Computing

Case Study: CGG enhances its high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities to improve accuracy in seismic modeling with Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.

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End-to-End Smart City Management Solution from Intel and AWS

Brief: See how AWS and Intel developed a proof of concept (POC) to showcase Smart City management solutions that can help change driving behaviors.

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Intel in Energy

Intel transforms energy-efficient technology into a fundamental aspect of its development.

Taking Oil and Gas Exploration to the Next Level

Case Study: DownUnder GeoSolutions speeds up oil and gas exploration with an Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 product family-based HPC platform.

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