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Inside IT: Android* Devices in the BYOD Environment

Intel IT discusses the management and security challenges that are part of supporting the Android* OS in the current enterprise environment.

Increasing Business Velocity with Advanced Analytics

Aziz Safa discusses how IT’s advanced analytics team delivers business velocity by working alongside clients to solve problems instead of mining data.

Big Data Analytics: Pursuing Multi-Million Dollar Opportunities

Itay Yogev discusses how Intel IT gains millions in ROI by entrenching IT in business groups with big data advanced analytics to calculate risk, more.

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Intel IT Labs and Big Data

Ed Goldman discusses Intel Labs’ work to develop innovative solutions in three areas: deep insight, big data virtualization, and big data search.

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Private Cloud Security: Virtualizing Highly Secure Cloud Servers

ИТ-подразделение Intel создало серверы облачных вычислений с высокой степенью защиты для строго конфиденциальных данных и приложений, используя архитектуру High Trust Zone (HTZ).

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Cloud On Demand - Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud

For a more agile enterprise infrastructure, Intel IT is establishing a true enterprise private cloud with a consumer-focused self-service portal.

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Inside IT: Strategic Planning Intel IT Best Practices

It is critical for IT to engage in strategic planning with the company’s business groups for alignment to maximize IT business value.

Intel IT Executive Insights: Moving to Client-aware Cloud

August 2011 edition discusses a private cloud that determines device attributes and user preferences and delivers accordingly.

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Information Security and Cloud Computing

Intel CISO Malcolm Harkins shares his data protection, access, and security in the cloud.

Inside IT: Data Center Strategy

Intel IT discusses their data center strategy and the complexity of providing service to a wide array of needs in multiple geographies.