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Purpose Built Mobile Checkout Devices

Get your customers on their way faster with mobile checkout.

Multisensory Touch-Screen Experiences in Vending

Engage customers by gifting a beverage. Show video promotions to customers

Tie Inventory Visibility Across Retail Channels

Ensures prices, promotions, and inventory views are the same regardless of the shopping mode.

Self-service Mobile Offer Center

Allow customers to receive deals on their mobile phones and then redeem them wirelessly.

Решения Intel по конфигурации для розничной торговли

Решения повседневных задач в сфере розничной торговли с использованием архитектуры Intel.

4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor 2DPC DDR3L Trace Length Calculator

Trace Length Calculator: Ensures trace lengths for the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor BGA 2DPC DDR3L meet recommendations. (v.1, Oct. 2012)

4th Gen Mobile Intel® Core™ Processor Ballout Spec Calculator

Calculator: The 4th gen mobile Intel® Core™ processor ballout and signal spec provides signal names and coordinates for each pin. (v.1.51, Sept. 2012)

4th Gen Mobile Intel® Core™ Processor Layout Checklist

Checklist: High-level review of the 4th generation mobile Intel® Core™ processor platform layout for design guide implementations. (v.0.7, Apr. 2013)

Haswell Mobile ULT Processor BGA Package: Mechanical Specification

Spec: Contains the Haswell Mobile ULT processor 40-mm x 24-mm BGA1168 package pattern as part of the mechanical specifications. (v.1.3, Mar. 2013)

4th Gen Mobile Intel® Core™ Processor Platform Design Addendum

Design Addendum: Updates the 4th generation mobile Intel® Core™ processor platform with guidelines for ECC memory routing. (v.2.4, June 2014)