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Accelerate Time to Market for Embedded Systems

Intel’s Tian Tian discusses how Wind River* Simics* discovers issues with products under development, accelerating time to market. (Sept. 2011)

Software Development Resources for Students and Educators

Access software development resources and discounted tools for students, educators, and academic institutions.

ПО Intel® Accelerated DSP Software (Intel® ADS)

ПО Intel® Accelerated DSP Software (Intel® ADS)

Intel® Developer Zone: Content Library


Designing Embedded Systems for Testability: Application Note

Application Note: Use the test and debug features on Intel® embedded processors and chipsets to design a testable system. (v.001, Oct. 2007)

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Migration Solutions for Embedded Intel® Architecture

Klocwork* analyzes source code and inspects codebase before Intel® architecture migration, minimizing cost, effort, and complexity. (v.001, Oct. 2011)

Cave Creek EEPROM Download Instructions

Download Instructions: Download the EEPROM collateral for Cave Creek including the EEPROM image, image creation tool, and associated documentation.

DRI Benchmarking

Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) offers benchmarking scripts and downloads for various apps and games including Blender, OpenArena, and Quake3.