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Deep Packet Inspection: Intel® Architecture Delivers Flexibility

Multi-core Intel® processors deliver high performance, scalability, flexibility, and security for deep packet inspection (DPI).

Zlib Compression on Intel® Architecture Processors

White Paper: High Performance Zlib compression on Intel® architecture processors. (v.1, Mar. 2014)

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Enhancing Data Plane Performance on Crystal Forest Platform

Learn how to run the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit in a Simics environment using the Crystal Forest platform to boost data plane performance.

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Supralinear Packet Processing Performance with Intel® Processors

White Paper: Multi-core processors, pipelining, and flow-pining provide supra-linear packet processing performance results. (v.001, Feb. 2006)

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Translation of PowerPC*/AltiVec* SIMD Macros to IA32/SSE

Resource: Migrate existing vector-oriented C/C++ PowerPC* AltiVec* code to the Intel x86 streaming SIMD extensions.

Wind River* Embedded Development Kits: Overview

Wind River* Embedded Development Kits overview, highlights, benefits, and features provide a comprehensive platform for complex development needs.

Accelerating Packet Processing on Intel® Architecture

Overview: 6WIND and Intel collaborate to deliver high-performance packet processing for networking applications.

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UNetbootin* Homepage and Download

UNetbootin* downloads allow users to create bootable USB drives or make an install on a local hard disk for a variety of Linux* distributions.