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The Benefits of Intel® WiDi for Home

Enjoy the benefits of Intel® WiDi like fast connection with real-time audio and video, and seamless screen sharing from your PC, tablet, or phone.

How to Use Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover how easy it is to use Intel® WiDi on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, and start streaming apps from your personal device on your HDTV.

The Requirements of Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover the key requirements of Intel® WiDi, which once met will enable you to stream content from PC to TV with convenience, speed, and reliability.

Wireless Streaming to Your TV with Intel® WiDi for Home

See the benefits of wireless streaming to TV with Intel® WiDi, which features rich HD experiences, dual-screen interaction, and big-screen gaming.

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* and Windows* 8.1

AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management* takes advantage of built-in Windows* 8.1 capabilities to simplify mobile device management.

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Aligning Social Computing with Business Objectives

Our new social platform embodies the principles of crowdsourcing and knowledge sharing in business-friendly ways, improving employee collaboration

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Enable Native Android* Apps, Enterprise Security

White Paper: Intel IT’s solution for enabling employee access to native Android* e-mail, calendar, and contacts while providing enterprise security.

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A Map to 64-Bit Mobile Computing: Next-Gen Intel Processing

64-bit may not be new, but its use in mobile computing is. Find out how a speedy Intel® processor will maximize the potential of your mobile device.

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Процессор Intel® Atom™

На базе процессоров Intel® Atom™ создаются самые разнообразные устройства, в том числе планшетные ПК, смартфоны, нетбуки, гибридные устройства, бытовая электроника.

Процессор Intel® Atom™

Мощные интернет-устройства на базе процессоров Intel® Atom™ отлично дополнят ваш обычный ПК.