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Технология Intel® RealSense™

Технология Intel® RealSense™

Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot

Технология Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot определяет пространственные параметры, высоту и ширину объектов и разбивает фотографии на слои.

The Benefits of Intel® WiDi for Home

Enjoy the benefits of Intel® WiDi like fast connection with real-time audio and video, and seamless screen sharing from your PC, tablet, or phone.

How to Use Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover how easy it is to use Intel® WiDi on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, and start streaming apps from your personal device on your HDTV.

The Requirements of Intel® WiDi for Home

Discover the key requirements of Intel® WiDi, which once met will enable you to stream content from PC to TV with convenience, speed, and reliability.

Wireless Streaming to Your TV with Intel® WiDi for Home

See the benefits of wireless streaming to TV with Intel® WiDi, which features rich HD experiences, dual-screen interaction, and big-screen gaming.

Что нового в смартфонах?

Take a high-speed, visual tour of new smartphones with Intel Inside®, highlighting movie, music, photography, and social media features.

Невероятные возможности Intel — жизнь как совершенство

Follow Intel’s history of powering possibility, from the creation of the first microprocessor to transforming the world by putting it in your hand.

Intel Inside®. Планшеты со знаком качества.

Планшеты с Intel Inside® выбирают специалисты ИТ-индустрии и блогеры.