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Intel Public Policy

Intel public policy promotes innovation worldwide.

Intel Public Health IT Policy

Discusses key health IT policy issues, such as recommendations for personalized, targeted medicine, reimbursement for virtual care, and more.

Intel Public Immigration Reform Policy

Intel shares recommendations for immigration reform policy, including support for employment-based visas and H-1B visas for highly-skilled employees.

Intel Public Policy: Internet of Things (IoT)

Explore Intel's policy on Internet of Things solutions including principles for connectivity and interoperability, privacy and security, and more.

Intel Public Intellectual Property Policy

Provides recommendations for intellectual property policy to protect innovation, such as reducing abusive patent litigation practices.

Intel Public Privacy Policy

Discusses key federal privacy policy issues, including recommendations for comprehensive legislation, security, predictable enforcement, and more.

Intel Public Cloud Policy

Outlines the key issues for creating a public cloud policy, including legislation and support for privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

Intel Public Policy: Customs and Trade Facilitation

Explore the background of customs and trade procedures, as well as Intel's support of the trade facilitation agreement and the challenges it faces.

Connected Care Program: Innovative Healthcare Delivery

White Paper: Reports on the Connected Care program, an innovative healthcare delivery system piloted by Intel to improve employee healthcare.

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