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Why Intel for Industrial Automation?

Intel system solutions save industrial OEMs, ODMs, and SIs integration time and costs, bringing industrial solutions to market faster.

Аппаратное обеспечение, программное обеспечение и технологии Intel®

Продукция, технологии и экосистема Intel помогут OEM-компаниям, ODM-производителям и системным интеграторам удовлетворить потребностям клиентов и упростить разработку на каждом этапе.

Intel® Core™ i7-800/i5-700 Desktop Processors: Datasheet, Vol. 1

Datasheet, Vol. 1: Describes component specifications, definitions, and functions for Intel® Core™ i7-800/i5-700 desktop processors. (v.1, July 2010)

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Product and Solutions for Industrial Automation

Intel provides OEMs, ODMs, and SIs a path to industry-class solutions by offering a broad set of hardware and software products.

IT/OT Convergence for Industrial Automation

Improve efficiency and performance by bridging information and operational technology (IT/OT) using IP-based networks to create a single factory view.

Industrial Automation Topics and Trends

Intel is on top of the major trends impacting industrial companies with solutions that address data analytics, security, and networking requirements.

End-to-End Security for Industrial Automation

Securely connect, aggregate, filter, and share data from the edge to the cloud with the confidence only Intel, McAfee, and Wind River can provide.

System Consolidation for Industrial Automation

Take advantage of virtualization technology to combine multiple devices found in today’s industrial environment into a single system.

Промышленная система управления на базе многоядерных процессоров с виртуализацией: образец проекта

Сведения об образце проекта промышленных систем управления на базе многоядерных процессоров с виртуализацией содержат обзор, блок-схему и спецификации.

Full Virtualization in a Wireless Medical Use Case

Wireless medical demo acquires data with Linux* while viewing on Windows*, running simultaneous OS with Intel® architecture and virtualization.