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BMW Uses OpenStack* to Accelerate Business Growth

BMW uses OpenStack* and Intel® architecture to build a software-defined infrastructure that supports several use cases.

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Server Refresh Planning Guide

Learn why it is important to update your IT infrastructure every two to four years, and how to plan and implement your next server refresh cycle.

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Intel — успешное развертывание аналитики

Примеры успешного развертывания аналитики данных из банковской и финансовой сфер

Intel® Data Center Manager: Demo

Demo shows how Intel® Data Center Manager monitors, controls, gates, and limits power consumption for better server efficiency and reduced costs.

Программно-определяемая инфраструктура 101

Узнайте, как программно-определяемая инфраструктура (SDI) может преобразовать центр обработки данных в оптимизированную облачную платформу.

NTT Data Datacenter Manager Case Study

Dynamically controlling server power consumption reduces data center peak usage by 16 to 18 percent. Datacenter Manager.

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Intel: 10 причин для перехода на Windows® 10

Intel: 10 причин для перехода на Windows® 10

Simplifying Private Cloud Capacity Management

IT@Intel White Paper: Intel IT has simplified their Office and Enterprise cloud management, decreasing cost and increasing host utilization.

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Improve Storage Agility with VMware Virtual SAN* and Intel

VMware Virtual SAN* extends the value of virtualization by providing software-defined storage alongside new implementations from Intel and VMware.

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In-Memory Analytics from Intel, Dell, and SAP

This in-memory analytics platform from Intel, Dell, and SAP provides powerful business intelligence in real-time.

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