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Evolving the Mobile Employee Hotspot for IT Consumerization

The mobile Employee Hotspot service that Intel IT enabled in 2010 has increased security, scalability, usability, and productivity—and lowered costs.

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Многоуровневая корпоративная безопасность

Интеллектуальные аппаратные функции обеспечения корпоративной безопасности встроены в процессор Intel® Core™ vPro™.

Aligning Social Computing with Business Objectives

Our new social platform embodies the principles of crowdsourcing and knowledge sharing in business-friendly ways, improving employee collaboration

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Cloud Services Starter Guide: IT Infrastructure Strategy

Frame the cloud IT conversation with your line of business (LOB) partners and develop effective cloud strategy with this quick planning guide.

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Intel IT Executive Insights: Moving to Client-aware Cloud

August 2011 edition discusses a private cloud that determines device attributes and user preferences and delivers accordingly.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Security on Intel Architecture-based tablets

Intel IT’s evaluation of Microsoft Windows* 8 on Intel® architecture-based tablets revealed new security and manageability benefits for IT and users.

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Intel® IT Center: Webinars and Events for IT Managers

Welcome to the home of Intel® IT Center events. Register for upcoming events or check out the archive.

Intel® IT Center Delivers IT Resources: Watch the Video

Watch this video to discover the benefits of joining the Intel® IT Center, our new program delivering premium resources to IT professionals

Trusted Compute Pools in Linux* OpenStack* Platform Guide

Download this configuration guide for step-by-step procedures on installing trusted compute pools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux* OpenStack* Platform 3.

Калькулятор рисков для технологии Intel® Anti-Theft

Оцените риски и потенциальную экономию расходов при инвестировании в технологию Intel® Anti-Theft.