NetEffect Server Cluster Adapter Product Brief

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NetEffect Server Cluster Adapter Product Brief

Low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters for High-performance Apps
Intel’s NetEffect Server Cluster Adapters provide accelerated 10 Gigabit Ethernet processing to benefit some of the most demanding and latency-sensitive applications, including high performance computing (HPC) clustering and financial market data systems. The product line is optimized for scalability to take advantage of the multi-core environments typically used with these high performance computing applications.

Powered by the second-generation of accelerated 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, the NetEffect NE020 network controller provides the protocol processing required to deliver the low latency, scalable performance that is required.

iWARP and Kernel-Bypass
The NetEffect Server Cluster Adapters support iWARP, or internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol. iWARP provides a low-latency, kernel-bypass solution on Ethernet by using RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) semantics. RDMA enables a remote memory capability that can be abstracted to various application APIs. iWARP is built on top of the TCP/IP protocol and therefore provides datacenter-compatible connectivity using standard network infrastructures. And it works on the standard IP-based management software and standard Ethernet-based switches used in datacenters today.

Kernel-bypass (or OS-bypass) is a key element of iWARP because of the RDMA semantics. But kernel-bypass can be utilized without iWARP. The NetEffect Server Cluster Adapters support a mode that implements the bypass operation without the RDMA protocol. This enables standard APIs, like UDP sockets, to be used with existing applications while also benefiting from latency improvements of kernel-bypass.

Both of these modes of operation provide lower latency and more deterministic latency jitter. The end result is a more efficient network implementation that delivers more performance to the application.

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