Intelligent Dynamic Store Merchandising Solution

Turning perishable losses into profit while raising brand awareness.

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Intelligent Dynamic Store Merchandising Solution Reduces Losses

In the case of grocery stores, this technology can recover 25 percent or more of the six percent of total sales lost, on average, from perishable sales and perishable waste. With the dynamic store merchandising (DSM) solution from Toshiba, reducing loss and turning it into profit is actually happening. This software runs on Intel® processors, which deliver the computing performance and graphics capabilities needed to power this highly analytical, multi-faceted solution.

The solution utilizes a retailer’s existing intelligence on customers, their buying patterns, and product performance to optimize the return-on-inventory investment across all product categories. The results are increased sales, maximized margins, reduced inventory distortion, and the elimination of losses arising from perishable waste and shrinkage.

Read the full Intelligent Dynamic Store Merchandising Solution Reduces Losses Solution Brief.

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