Locate Products Easily with Interactive Wayfinder


Customers in a hurry appreciate the convenience of digital wayfinders, because they help them navigate stores, locate departments and products, and find relevant information. Wayfinders are a form of digital signage that allow retailers to easily update information and marketing messages in real time, providing a big advantage over printed signs.


Multi-touch applications from Omnitapps* enable retailers to create interactive floor plans and product selectors and send product brochures in PDF format to customers. When using the wayfinder, customers can scroll, zoom, and find directions on the store floor plan; locate destinations using search tool or category list; and press the “you are here” button to show the current location.


  • Help customers quickly find the products they seek
  • Send wayfinding information and product brochures to any smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Easily customize floor plans and applications (no programming)

In-Store Wayfinding: In-depth

Wayfinding kiosks guide visitors

The University of Iowa deployed interactive personnel and location directories to reduce the questions staff received and help visitors find their way to different areas of the campus, including directions to stairs, elevators, restrooms, and lounges.

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Обучающие материалы и демонстрации

Решения Intel® помогают ритейлерам работать более интеллектуально, облегчать клиентам процесс поиска и покупки продукции, а также обеспечивать безопасность данных и устройств. Узнайте, как Intel может помочь ритейлерам обеспечивать оптимальное качество обслуживания, которое понравится покупателям.

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Сотрудники отдела продаж используют инструменты для розничной торговли, чтобы отвечать на вопросы, отображать отзывы о продукции и выполнять транзакции.

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