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Law Firm Restores PCs in Two Hours vs. Two Days

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Law Firm Restores PCs in Two Hours Versus Two Days

Dibble & Miller uses WD Sentinel* small office storage server to back up PCs and cut PC-restore time from two days to two hours. The firm now has enterprise-grade backup at a small-business price.

Sweating Bullets
PCs don’t fail often at Dibble & Miller, but when they do, Dave Nickason sweats bullets. Nickason is the Legal Administrator at this Rochester, New York-based law firm of 25 employees, and he’s also the firm’s de facto IT support person. The firm previously performed nightly backups of its three servers, which contain critical user data, but it did not back up the customized settings on those PCs, including applications, passwords, and other installed software programs. When a machine failed, it took Nickason two days to reinstall the operating system and applications.

Earlier this year, we had two PCs fail,” Nickason said. “One of them belonged to the firm’s owner and the failure happened just hours before he was leaving on a trip. It was absolutely critical to get that machine up and running. Luckily, I was already using data protection software to back up his entire computer along with custom settings and applications, but those two experiences really gave me a scare and got me thinking seriously about client computer backup. No data is lost when one of our PCs fails, but the time needed to restore customized user settings is significant, and attorney time is expensive.”

Read the full Law Firm Restores PCs in Two Hours Versus Two Days case study: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/storage/storage-atom-wd-dibble-miller-study.html

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