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A Good Investment: Private Business Cloud Solution

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A Good Cloud Investment: Private Business Cloud Solution

Investment firm gains automatic computer backup, remote data access and plenty of growing room with WD Sentinel* DX4000 small office storage server powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor.

Saratoga Research & Investment Management (Saratoga RIM) is an investment advisory firm in Saratoga, California, that manages approximately $740 million for high-net-worth individuals, retirement accounts, trusts, endowments, religious institutions and foundations, many of which are located in California’s Silicon Valley.

The company kept its confidential client data safe in its office, but employees often needed access to the data while traveling or from home, so they could provide the best customer service. Saratoga RIM Director of Operations, James Tanner says: “People kept telling us to put our data ‘in the cloud,’ but we didn’t want our client data on someone else’s machines.

Tending to the firm’s existing storage device was time consuming for Assistant Portfolio Manager David Lii, who doubles as the firm’s IT manager and must also ensure that the firm’s 13 PCs are successfully backed up.

Read the full A Good Cloud Investment: Private Business Cloud Solution case study: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/storage/storage-atom-wd-saratoga-study.html

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