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Small Business Server Helps Agency Deliver Client Satisfaction

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Small Business Server Helps Agency Deliver Client Satisfaction

Horizon Retail Marketing Solutions helps high-tech brands and other clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa by designing and building retail solutions that increase sales at the point of purchase. Based in Ely, U.K., the agency produces a wide variety of projects, from in-store displays to graphics for use online and in print.

It’s a hectic business, with clients who need solutions delivered within tight deadlines. “In our industry, every hour can be critical,” says Andrew Moss, Horizon’s managing director.

Horizon’s day-to-day operations require fast, efficient and secure access to project files—by employees within the office, contract designers working remotely, installation crews on the road, and business partners in a variety of locales. However, the agency was finding this challenging, for several reasons.

Each project generates enormous amounts of data, including 3-D technical drawings and animations. Individual files can be as large as a gigabyte, with up to a dozen iterations created throughout the development process. Often, several Horizon specialists work on a project at different stages, with each person storing new project files on their computer or an external hard drive. “Because we didn’t have data stored centrally, everybody was working of their own drives,” says Richard Joyce, Horizon’s design manager. “To find the most up-to-date version of a file, designers might have to hunt across multiple external hard drives—with the potential for delays and the risk of not using the most current project information.

Presenting an additional challenge, Horizon needed to share these large project files with external suppliers and customers, as well as staff working offsite.

Horizon looked for an easy-to-use solution to provide secure, centralized, on-site data storage with high-performance remote access. The solution meeting their needs: WD Sentinel™ DX4000 Small Office Storage Server, a network-attached storage device that provides up to 12 TB of storage with easy, secure remote access.

Read the full Small Business Server Helps Agency Deliver Client Satisfaction: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/storage/storage-nas-horizon-wd-case-study.html

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