Spanish Olympic Committee – Going for Gold

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Spanish Olympic Committee – Going for Gold

The Spanish Olympic Committee (Comité Olímpico Español) is responsible for Spain’s participation in the Olympic Games. It was created on November 23, 1912, and is governed by the Olympic Charter—the regulatory guidelines of the Olympic Movement. The Committee follows the basic principles, rules and legal texts adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and sets conditions for holding the Olympic Games as well as participating in them. The nature of the employees’ roles required a move from a dedicated to a virtual IT infrastructure; in particular, it was eager to roll out virtual desktop. The Committee has 30 employees who travel most of the time. They needed to be able to work from their desktops and communicate with the Madrid office, anytime and from anywhere. To achieve this, COE has implemented a virtual infrastructure at both server and desktop levels, the latter based on computers powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.

• Central management. COE has complex desktop and laptop user profiles and event-driven computer needs which were costly and difficult to manage. It wanted a simpler solution that could be centrally managed
• Greater availability. Needed to ensure that COE’s employees received the most up-to-date files and information quickly
• Increased storage. Wanted to increase overall storage capacity of the IT infrastructure

• Virtualization specialist. Ermestel, an IT reseller specializing in virtualization and IT solutions, developed a virtualized server and desktop solution to meet COE’s needs
• Optimization. It used Citrix XenClient Enterprise*, a desktop virtualization technology optimized to run on computers powered by Intel® Core™ processors. At server level it rolled out VMware vSphere*
• Intel expertise. The end-user devices were powered by Intel Core vPro processors which include hardware-based Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)

• Easy and simple. Virtualized operating system template is created for end-user devices and is centrally managed
• All apps are go. Users can travel freely with their own apps on their devices and a virtualized container for their business profiles
• Fast deployment. When computers are required for events, they can be set up quickly and easily and connected to the COE data center
• Flexible productivity. COE combines centralized management, enabled by virtualization, with intelligent PCs which delivers flexibility, mobility and productivity benefits for user

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