Can your system handle the heat?

Intel offers free testing services to qualified customers designing platforms based on Intel® architecture.

System-Level Thermal Testing

Does your system cool the processor to the Intel® processor thermal specification? Our testing service allows you to send in a fully configured system or system components under evaluation. The testing lab uses procedures to test systems and chassis for thermal compliance with the flexible motherboard (FMB) specifications and recommendations, and to test mobile devices for compliance with the Intel® mobile processor thermal specifications and mobile device thermal recommendations. These procedures help you potentially solve thermal problems within your system to prevent damage or failures caused in the field because your system does not meet thermal specifications.

We can test your system in a thermal chamber that runs stress software while monitoring multiple platform temperatures including: Tinlet, Tambient, Tjunction, Tcase, PCH, VR, memory, storage device, power supply, and other system components.

  • Temperatures from -70C to 180C

Heatsink Testing

Does your heatsink meet the Intel® thermal performance requirements? Have your heatsink tested on a heatsink test bench to measure Psi-CA performance to compare against Intel® processor specifications.

  • We can also test against the pulse width modulation (PWM) electrical specification.

Thermal Cycle, Hot Soak and Cold Soak

Can your system handle rigorous temperature differentials? Have your system tested in a thermal cycle chamber and/or a hot soak, cold soak chamber. The system can be powered on during these tests. These are separate tests.

  • Hot to cold transition rate
    85°C to -40°C = 9 minutes 
    71°C to -65°C = 13 minutes 
    180°C to -65°C = 22 minutes 
  • Cold to hot transition rate
    -40°C to 85°C = 6 minutes 
    -65°C to 71°C = 7 minutes 
    -65°C to 180°C = 11 minutes

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