Cultivating a Strategic Plan for Change

Taking Steps Toward Transformation

The journey to creating a successful learning environment starts with visionaries like you. By developing a strategic plan to drive change, you can bring your education vision to life.

Grounded in research, the Intel® Education Transformation Policy Tool for learning and teaching includes all aspects of the process, from providing leadership and policy development to adopting curriculum and choosing technology—all while maintaining sustainable program funding and constantly evaluating program success.

Our comprehensive Intel® Education Transformation Policy Guide provides insights, best practices, and practical strategies to advance your school's vision of education transformation.

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More on Transforming Education

Technology for Learning and Teaching

An empowering approach to education keeps the focus on students and equips educators with the right technology for their classrooms to enable all students with meaningful learning experiences.

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The Right Device for Learning and Teaching

Find the right device for your learning environments with solutions that meet your students' needs across teaching and learning budgets, manageability and deployment, and device functionality.

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Enriching the Learning Experience

Intel's 360⁰ approach to education technology develops a holistic approach to student-centered learning, building experiences that have a significant impact on student success.

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