Education Begins with Innovation

Learn. Teach. Build. Do.

Knowledge, imagination, and scientific method are propelling our world to new heights. People have always had a human thirst for inventiveness, and now we have the skills and technology to bring our ideas to life. That's why Intel equips you—students, researchers, faculty, anyone—to build your own vision of the future.

Intel University Research Programs

Communications, Systems, Moore's Law, Compute, Sensemaking, and Novel Integration: These are a few of the topical research paths currently being explored by university-based communities sponsored by Intel.

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Trending Topics

Tomorrow's technology will be developed by today's students. Watch these introductory videos about five areas ready for innovation.

Student Resources

Explore resources available to university students across computing disciplines.

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Projects with Universities

At the intersection of business and academia, researchers are collaborating to find answers to today's most critical computing challenges.

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