Achieve Real-World Results. Deploy Tomorrow, Today.

To deliver on the transformative promise of IoT, Intel and its ecosystem of partners offer Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel® IMRS)—scalable, end-to-end solutions that provide solid business results today and lay the foundation for a more intelligent tomorrow.

130+ End-to-End IoT Solutions—and Nearly 90% Repeat Deployments to Date1

Mining the vast volumes of data generated by the IoT can deliver greater business insights, efficiency, and productivity. To capitalize on these game-changing advantages, Intel has developed Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel® IMRS). Made possible by the Intel® IoT partner ecosystem, these solutions are optimized for data-intensive workloads and are adaptable, vetted, and ready for immediate implementation across multiple industries—including Industrial, Smart Cities, Retail, Education and Enterprise, and Healthcare.

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