Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions provide high-efficiency power management for FPGAs and SoCs. These robust, easy-to-use products meet your most stringent power requirements—all in a small footprint.

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Focus on Your Overall Design (Not the Mechanics of Powering It) with Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

Intel® Enpirion® power system-on-chip (PowerSoC) products combine advanced technologies—such as high-frequency silicon design, magnetics, and packaging—into a turnkey product. Unlike discrete power products, Intel® Enpirion® products give designers complete power systems that are fully simulated, characterized, and production qualified.

Together, Intel® FPGAs and Intel® Enpirion® power products deliver an optimal system solution that has:

  • High system efficiency with low power consumption and less heat
  • High integration in a small footprint for maximum power density and a fast, low risk design cycle
  • Low component count and high reliability

Additionally, Intel Enpirion products are fully validated, improving your time to market and minimizing board spins.

Combining Performance and Streamlined Design

High Frequency IC Technology

Built on LDMOS technology and IP that enables a small solution size while maintaining high efficiency.

Digital Communication and Control

Allows designers to build more flexible, intelligent, optimized systems that are programmed to the system's unique needs and integrate system health monitoring.

Magnetics Engineering

Leading-edge material and construction techniques optimize inductors for performance, manufacturability, and size.

Power Packaging and Construction

Unique, advanced packaging and closed loop testing provides a true power management system.

DC-DC System Engineering

Integration and fully validated designs accelerate time to revenue while reducing development cost and risk.

What's New

Did You Know That Intel Has Power Products Designed to Use Less Capacitance?

Are you impacted by the multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) shortage? Trying to save space and cost on your board? Intel® Enpirion® DC-DC step down power converters are uniquely designed to minimize the required capacitance. We also offer short lead times on many of our devices.

This means you can:

  • Avoid delays in your project
  • Avoid paying high MLCC price premiums
  • Get to market on time and on budget

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