Intel increases 5G infrastructure silicon portfolio breadth with the introduction of its Diamond Mesa SoC Capability

5G infrastructure requires a broad range of new equipment – one size no longer fits all. Intel delivers the 5G product lifecycle with Intel® Xeon® processors and logic acceleration solutions. Only Intel provides Intel® Xeon® processor, Intel® FPGA, ASIC, and a new option with the introduction of latest SoC structured ASIC codenamed “Diamond Mesa”. Using different combinations of Intel® Xeon® processor and logic solutions you can build equipment tailored to unique time to market (TTM), cost, power, volume, performance1 2 3, and flexibility requirements.

These new Intel® eASIC Diamond Mesa devices are expected to consume less power and be faster than the existing Intel® eASIC™ N3XS products. In addition, these new Intel® eASIC Diamond Mesa devices incorporate a quad-core Arm® 64-bit hard processor subsystem, which means that these devices can implement control functions as well as digital signal processing (DSP) and networking functions on a single device. These hard processor systems also feature a secure device manager to manage boot, authentication, and antitamper features throughout the product lifecycle from manufacturing, to deployment, to decommissioning of equipment. The hard processor subsystem incorporated into the Intel® eASIC Diamond Mesa devices is leveraged from the hard processor subsystem incorporated in the new Intel® Agilex™ SoCs and enables the exact same software to operate on both devices.

In addition to 5G wireless applications, Intel’s next generation structured ASIC devices will target the acceleration and compute needs of data center, embedded, video, industrial, and military/aerospace applications.

Diamond Mesa SoC synthesis device libraries are available now for early access customers.

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