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Algo-Logic Systems builds Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) accelerated Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) solutions that achieve high throughput with minimal power and sub-microsecond latency. Algo-Logic Systems provides pre-built IP cores and full turn-key solutions that map logic into FPGA products for three main industries: 1) Accelerated finance and High Frequency Trading (HFT), 2) Wire-speed packet processing in the Data Center, and 3) Mobile data acquisition and processing (Internet of Things). By fitting complex designs in the chip that meet timing, our IP cores and GDN solutions are able to achieve performance levels that are unattainable in software. Additionally, by providing standard programming interfaces, Algo-Logic’s products are easily accessible to traditional software developers who are not otherwise trained to program FPGAs.

Available Design Services

Design Services Device Family Country/Region Supported
Hardware Design: FPGA, High Speed Transceiver, Specification Development, Timing Closure
IP Integration
Stratix® V, Arria® V, Intel® Arria® 10 Americas: United States

Additional Services and Features

‧    In the Data Center, GDN solutions perform search, key/value store, 100G traffic classification, & 40G TCP offload using rack-mounted FPGA platforms.

‧    In Accelerated Finance, GDN solutions filter market data, parse exchange protocols, build order books, & implement complete tick-to-trade solutions.

‧    In Internet of Things industry, Algo-Logic's Black Diamond products acquire real-time data and perform analytics in the AlgoCentral cloud.

Contact Information

172 Component Drive
San Jose, CA United States