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By embracing the digital age, educators are creating more active, collaborative learning environments to prepare the next generation of innovators.

Interactive White Boards with Intel® vPro™ Technology Can Transform Education

For years educators have known the power of interactivity in learning, yet were restricted to the traditional teacher-led classroom model by the tools at hand--the chalkboard and overhead projector. More and more, today’s educators are transitioning towards a student-centered, collaborative environment that engages students using the language they understand most: Technology.

Step inside Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, an interactive white board-integrated school that has redesigned education around the technology of today to enable students to explore subjects alongside their teachers.

Interactive White Boards create opportunities to share with students, not just knowledge and lessons, but the responsibility of learning and exploration of applying that knowledge. When given these opportunities, students gain a sense of empowerment, ownership, and purpose in higher degrees than in lecture-based environments. This in turn, can drive the motivation to learn a particular subject and take on new skill sets, including creativity, leadership, and social interaction.

Innovators Are Already Providing Next-Wave Intel Solutions

Intel is driving standardization and bringing long-standing expertise in high-performance technology, security, manageability, and analytics to partners who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Intel Visual Data Device Specifications brings on-premise analytics and workload consolidation capabilities to support Interactive White Boards for smart classroom solutions that can:

  • Support real-time insight and decision-making through edge analytics
  • Provide high-performance audio and video processing
  • Lower network latency and improve quality of service
  • Integrate seamlessly with complex infrastructures

Enriching the Learning Experience

Make anytime, anywhere learning possible with a 360⁰ solution powered by Intel.

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Intel Visual Data Device Specification—Cloud to Edge

Deliver the next era of digital signage solutions with the Intel Visual Data Device specification.

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Education and Enterprise Solutions That Elevate Interaction and Learning

In both the classroom and workplace, finding innovative ways to captivate and inspire has become a new imperative. Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel® IMRS) harness the power of interactive whiteboards to strengthen learning and communication—enabling a more visual and connected experience.

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