Unleash the Power of Data

Deliver value-added solutions sooner than you thought possible by “shifting left” to do more in parallel, and by connecting to rapidly-advancing hardware technologies with Intel® software.

Shift Left with Intel

Ecosystem partners shift left with Intel by co-engineering hardware and software together. Engineers working on firmware, BIOS, drivers, compilers, and tools are no longer downstream users—they’re partners.

Use Simics* to build and run software before new hardware is available, and use Intel® CoFluent™ technology and Intel® Docea™ technology to optimize solution’s performance, power, and thermals.

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Develop, Test & Optimize with Intel® Software

Intel® software tools, libraries, and resources simplify development from edge-to-cloud while connecting your solutions to Intel® hardware-based capabilities for AI acceleration, better data protection, faster connectivity, and more.

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Leverage Open Source Software

Thousands of Intel® software engineers ensure open source software delivers top notch performance, scalability, power-efficiency, and security across Intel platforms.

As the number-one upstream contributor to the Linux* kernel, Intel contributes to open source projects across virtually every type of hardware platform and usage model.

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